• Appetizers
1.PepperStarEgg Roll (2)
2.PepperStarSpring Roll (2)
3.PepperStarFried Shrimp
4.PepperStarEdamame(Fresh Japanese soy beans)
5.PepperStarCheese Wonton
6.PepperStarFried Calamari
7.PepperStarSteamed Dumplings
8.PepperStarFried Dumplings
9.PepperStarGolden(Chicken) Fingers
10.PepperStarCrispy Chicken Wings
11.PepperStarBoneless Spare Ribs
  • Soup
  Med. Lg.
12.PepperStarEgg Drop Soup
13.PepperStarWonton Soup
14.PepperStarWonton Egg Drop Soup
15.PepperStarHot and Sour Soup
16.PepperStarMiso Soup
  • Fried Rice
  Med. Lg.
17.PepperStarPork Fried Rice
18.PepperStarChicken Fried Rice
19.PepperStarVegetable Fried Rice
20.PepperStarShrimp Fried Rice
21.PepperStarWhite Rice
22.PepperStarBrown Rice
  • Lo Mein
  Med. Lg.
23.PepperStarHouse Special Lo Mein
24.PepperStarChicken Lo Mein
25.PepperStarPork Lo Mein
26.PepperStarShrimp Lo Mein
27.PepperStarVegetable Lo Mein
28.PepperStarMei Fun(Thin Noodle)
  • Chicken
  Med. Lg.
29.PepperStarChicken Chow Mein
30.PepperStarChicken w. String Bean
31.PepperStarChicken w. Broccoli
32.PepperStarMoo Goo Gai Pan
33.PepperStarChicken w. Mixed Vegetable
34.PepperStarSliced Chicken w. Garlic Sauce
35.PepperStarSteamed White Meat Chicken
36.PepperStarHunan Chicken
37.PepperStarChicken Szechuan Style
38.PepperStarSweet & Sour Chicken
39.PepperStarGeneral Tso's Chicken
Chunks of crispy chicken cooked w. fresh broccoli in house special general sauce
40.PepperStarSesame Chicken
  • Vegetable
  Med. Lg.
41.PepperStarBean Curd w. Mixed Veg.
42.PepperStarBroccoli w. Garlic Sauce
43.PepperStarGeneral Tso's Fried Tofu
44.PepperStarMixed Vegetable
  • Pork
  Med. Lg.
45.PepperStarPork w. Broccoli
46.PepperStarPork w. Mixed Vegetables
47.PepperStarPork in Hot Garlic Sauce
48.PepperStarPork Egg Foo Young
  • Beef
  Med. Lg.
49.PepperStarPepper Steak w. Onions
50.PepperStarBeef w. Broccoli
51.PepperStarBeef w. Mushroom
52.PepperStarHunan Beef
  • Shrimp
  Med. Lg.
53.PepperStarShrimp w. Lobster Sauce
54.PepperStarShrimp w. Broccoli
55.PepperStarShrimp w. Mixed Vegetable
  • Chef's Special
2.PepperStarSeafood Specials
3.PepperStarHappy Family
4.PepperStarFour Season
5.PepperStarTriple Delight
6.PepperStarDragon and Phoenix
  • Family Combo $19.99
FREE 2 Egg Rolls, Pt Wonton Soup & Pt. Fried Rice
PepperStarChoice Any 2 Large Dishes
Chicken w. Broccoli Chicken Lo Mein
General Tso's Chicken(hot) Sesame Chicken
Pork Lo Mein Shrimp w. Broccoli
Shrimp Mei Fun Shrimp w. Lobster Sauce
Other Items are also Available
  • Hibachi & Grill
Just Making in Our Kitchen
PepperStarHibachi Chicken
PepperStarHibachi Steak
PepperStarHibachi Shrimp
PepperStarHibachi Calamari
  • Dinner Combo $9.99
FREE Pork Fried Rice & Egg Roll
D1.PepperStarChicken w. Broccoli
D2.PepperStarChicken in Hot Garlic Sauce
D3.PepperStarGeneral Tso's Chicken
D4.PepperStarSweet & Sour Chicken
D5.PepperStarMixed Vegetable in Brown Sauce
D6.PepperStarPork w. Broccoli
D7.PepperStarPork Lo Mein
D8.PepperStarString Bean
D9.PepperStarBeef w. Broccoli
D10.PepperStarPepper Steak
D11.PepperStarShrimp w. Broccoli
D12.PepperStarShrimp w. Mixed Vegetable
  • Yummy Sushi
Our Mission is to serve you and your family with fresh food
S1.PepperStarPlain California Roll
S2.PepperStarVegetable Roll
Avocado & cucumber
S3.PepperStarOshinko Cucumber Roll
S4.PepperStarInari Avocado Roll
S5.PepperStarAAC Roll
Avocado, Asparagus & Cucumber
S6.PepperStarMasago California Roll
S7.PepperStarCucumber Roll
S8.PepperStarAvocado Roll
S8a.PepperStarPhilly Roll
S9.PepperStarSalmon Roll(6 pcs)
S10.PepperStarTuna Roll
S11.PepperStarSpicy Lobster Roll
Spicy lobster & asparagus
S12.PepperStarSpicy Crab Roll
Spicy crab & cucumber
S13.PepperStarSpicy Tuna Roll
S14.PepperStarSpicy Salmon Roll
S15.PepperStarShrimp Tempura Roll
Shrimp tempura & cucumber
S16.PepperStarRainbow Roll
S17.PepperStarYummy Roll
Crab meat, cucumber, avocado & top w. spicy crab
S18.PepperStarShrimp Sushi(6 pcs)
S19.PepperStarTuna Sushi(6 pcs)
S20.PepperStarSalmon Sushi(6 pcs)
S21.PepperStarTuna Lover
A combination of tuna roll & 4 pcs of tuna sushi
S22.PepperStarSalmon Lover
A combination of salmon roll & 4 pcs of salmon sushi
S23.PepperStarLOVE Boat
A combination of 3 shrimp sushi, 3 tuna sushi & 3 salmon sushi
  • Buffet Take Out
PepperStarLUNCH BOX......$5.99
Mon.-Fri.: 11:30am-3:30pm
PepperStarDINNER BOX......$9.99
Mon.-Fri.: 3:31pm-9:30pm
  • Yummy Day's Specials
Our sushi chef makes fresh sushi and place them on the yummy boat. Our guests can choose any sushi that they like from yummy boat
PepperStarMonday Special: Cocktail Shrimp
PepperStarTuesday Special: Calamari & Shrimp
PepperStarWednesday Special: Yummy Crab
PepperStarThursday Special: Sushi Night
PepperStarFriday Special: Hibachi Night
PepperStarSaturday Special: Crab Leg
PepperStarSunday Special: Lobster
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